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July 28, 2017
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I have been here prior to on a quiet day and also the service was great.. Fast, efficient and meals - tasty!! Today was yet another tale... It had been packed!!!

We had to hold back for approximately 10-15 minutes to find yourself in the restaurant, utilizing the cue behind united states leading along the stairs.

As soon as in, the service had been going quite sluggish, and even though there was a big variety of dishes to test, as well as were continuously bringing even more out, the absolute amount of people within the restaurant intended they couldn't keep pace sufficient meals for everyone having some... we quite often just missed down with bare carts finding its way back past us.

Within the hour . 5 we were here, i do believe we attempted almost anything... But that included amounts of time where we were awaiting even more ahead on.

In saying that, all the dished we'd had been tasty!! While the popular need designed whenever they certainly were offered, they were red hot and awesome fresh!!

We liked the BBQ chicken, all of the steamed dumplings additionally the Chinese broccoli is definitely a favorite since the serves are huge!!

For dessert we tried the mango pancakes that are served chilled with fresh mango and thickened cream stuffing... We in addition had the coconut balls that will be truly my kind of food... Shredded coconut around chewy bread full of a thick custard! Yummy!!

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Choi Young Do & Cha Eun Sang/ I want you to know who I am
Choi Young Do & Cha Eun Sang/ I want you to know who I am ...
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I know you want me you know I want cha
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